The Hotel Operating Profit Evaluation is an online tool, developed to give hotel owners and operators a chance to see how their operations compare to other hotels in overall expenses and profit. The comparative numbers are meant as an indication of what is possible, and is not intended as a direct comparison. Ultimately, the site is meant as a way to help operators and owners look for ways to improve their profits, with actions suggested as a result of the information you enter.

All information you enter is stored in a non identifying, secure, means. No one can see your individual entries except for you. Data entered, is compiled into the averages and benchmark values used by the site. By entering data, you are consenting to Computer Ingenuity Associates, Inc. use of the data in this manner.

The expense and profit estimates generated by this tool are provided for informational purposes only, are based upon the information provided by our subscribers, and are subject to change. This material is designed to provide general information regarding the subject matter covered. No guarantee of future expenses or profits, either express or implied, is being made. Computer Ingenuity Associates, Inc. and its affiliates assume no liability for the accuracy of the information and data provided in this tool. You should carefully consider a variety of options, not all of which are included in this tool, when determining changes to your operations.